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Мульчер веток Teknamotor Skorpion 250 SDT/G

Цена договорная
Рубрика Мульчеры
Марка Teknamotor
Модель Teknamotor Skorpion 250 SDT/G
Телефон +48 41 263 68 23
Дополнительная информация
The chipper Skorpion 250 SDT/G equipped with high dimension toothed upper roll and chain feeder, both hydraulically driven is designed for shredding tree limbs and logs with diameter of up to 250 mm. This is a disc model with a pneumatic blow-out system installed on the disc. Chips are ejected through a rotary chimney that can turn by 360 degrees in relation to the chassis. The cutting system consists of a disc with 2 or 3 cutting knives sharpened on either side. This chipper can be powered by four-cylinder, turbo charged diesel engines of Perkins, both of the capacity of 84 HP. 60-liter fuel tank allows several hours` work in the field. The essential equipment of the chipper includes a hydraulic propulsion system servicing the upper feeding roll and a crawler installed instead of normally used lower roll. Such solution allows for easier loading of wood, improves operator`s work and enhances efficiency. Both of them are driven by hydraulic motors. All above mentioned devices are driven by its own hydraulic pump. A lever type of control system connected with the hydraulic divider allows changing the feeding direction. As a standard the chipper is also equipped with an electronic system of work control, protecting the machine against overload/excessive duty through temporary stopping the feeding unit. Additionally, the chipper is equipped with a mechanical overrunning braking system and a hook-type coupling for towing adjusted to its interchangeable part – a grip for using a ball pin or a towing eye. Chipper Skorpion 250 SDT/G has got the EC Vehicle Type- Approval Certificate which allows registration of the machine and licensing it for the road traffic. Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 4500 (5160 unfolded, ready to work)x2150x2560 [mm] Weight 2050 [kg] No of knives 2 cutting + 2 counter-knife Feeding speed up to 42 [running meters/min] Chipping capacity up to 22 [stère meters/h] Chip width 9-14 [mm] Disk diameter 800 [mm] Hopper dimensions (WxH) 420x255 [mm] ENGINE TECHNICAL DATA Engine model PERKINS 804D-33T Engine cubic capacity 3300 [cm3] Power of engine 84 [hp] Type of cooling - liquid Type of fuel diesel Fuel tank capacity 60[l] Max. fuel consumption 13 [l/h] Start-up electric Equipment included: -Counter of operating hours -Spare wheel -Adjustment of height of ejecting the chips -Rotary chimney 360° -No-stress system Additional accessories on request: -Extension of the ejection tube
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